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This is the GIS web platform of the Interreg Alpine Space Project Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation (trAILs). The web platform is hosted on the server of the Technical University of Vienna. The web platform provides information about the pilot sites of the project, which were developed by the trAILs project partners. Copyright © by the trAILs project partners, if no specific author is mentioned. All rights are reserved by the authors, unless otherwise stated.

Austrian survey data:

The data were collected by regional partner VESTE for processing in the trAILs project.

French survey data:

The French Brownfield Survey data were collected by the regional partner CAUE84 for processing in the trAILs project.

Italian survey data:

The Italian Brownfield Survey data were obtained from different sources:

The data were selected by regional partner LAMORO for processing in the trAILs project.

Slovenian survey data:

The information obtained in December 2019 from the GIS database developed for the project Model for a comprehensive assessment of derelict land as a support for sustainable spatial and development planning in Slovenia .Research funded by ARRS. The data has been processed by the University of Ljubljana for further use in the trAILs project.

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